Is Pain In Left Side Something Dangerous ?

Whenever you experience pain in left side of your body, it is something that should not be taken lightly, or lying down. Sometimes, simply gritting your teeth and walking the pain off will not do the trick, as there may be underlying, and serious, factors that may be causing the discomfort that you are feeling.

The left part of your lower torso or abdomen is the location of a lot of vital organs, and pain experienced in those areas, especially sudden sharp pains or pains growing in intensity, should be taken very seriously. These pains can be either skeletal or muscular in nature, and these can be caused by cracked ribs or strained abdominal muscles, caused by accidents during sports or other types of injuries. These can often be corrected by proper rest and massage, as well as anti-pain or anti-inflammatory medications.

However, sometimes pain in left side can be caused by much serious conditions, such as damage on the internal organs, or as symptoms for various serious diseases. Pain may be caused by a blocked large intestine, damage on the left side of the urethra, kidneys, or ovaries, the colon, and various others, these can also be signs of ectopic pregnancies, Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, cancers, and many more. It is scary, but proper as well as early diagnosis and treatment can almost surely cure these conditions and prevent it from becoming worse.

The lower torso mostly houses the digestive, reproductive, and excretory organs, so it is very important to pay attention to these organs, and looking at your habits and daily lifestyle can help determine as to what causes these pains that you are feeling. Sometimes, pain is caused simply by poor eating habits such as eating too many fats, overeating, or not drinking enough liquids. Sometimes, however, these are symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, cysts, bowel obstruction, or other serious conditions. Thus, for constant, nagging, or extreme pain, it is recommended that a doctor or medical professional be consulted immediately.

There are also incidences that underlying heart disease is the cause of pains. Certain coronary conditions will cause blood pressure drops, and blood does not pass along the abdominal area as effectively. This causes intense pain in left side of the body.

Kidney and gall bladder stones can also cause pain, but these can be dissolved using medications and other types of non-invasive procedures, although in extreme cases, surgery may be required.

Food poisoning or constipation can also contribute to left side body pain. Watching what you eat and having a diet rich in fibber, or taking laxatives and fibber supplements can resolve the problem. Still, in cases where suspected food poisoning is involved, contact emergency personnel immediately as these may be life threatening in nature and may not be treated using over the counter medication.
this video shoes the most causes of stomach & abdominal pains :

Have your condition checked out whenever you feel pain on your left side. Immediate attention to any pain that you feel can spell the difference between an easy cure or a long road to recovery.

Pain In Left Side – What Could It Be ?

Human abdomen is always divided in four parts, these parts include, upper right, upper left, lower right, and lower left. Left side pain means, that pain can be either on upper side or lower side. If you are facing left side pain in your abdomen that means the reason can be various. Keep in mind that there are a number of diseases in which you can have pain in either quadrant of left side. In order to diagnose the problem properly you need to contact with your physician before starting treatment of your pain. Following are few common causes of such pain.

Bowel Obstruction:

Often pain on left side caused because of bowel obstruction which can cause on the left side of your intestine. The common symptoms of bowel obstruction are vomiting, loose stools, and no stools. If you are having left side pain in your abdomen and facing same symptoms as we mentioned above, you need to go to any nearby emergency center. It is very harmful if you do not treat the bowel obstruction accordingly. Leaving this pain untreated can be more harmful than one think. This can leads you towards any permanent damage.

Viral Hepatitis:

Left side pain can be more harmful if this is caused because of viral hepatitis. As most of you knows that hepatitis is very dangerous and life threatening disease, therefore if you have left side pain you should immediately contact to any qualified doctor. Few other common symptoms of viral hepatitis are yellowish skin and around the white part of eyes, dark yellowish urine, and nausea. Normally left side pain in viral hepatitis is not as severe as in other diseases. If you think you become the victim of such pain please see the doctor immediately and also avoid any kind of physical contact with other family members and friends.

Kidney Stones:

Another reason of having pain on left side is stones in the kidney. When you have kidney stone pain on left side that means you have stone in the left kidney. Initially you will feel severe pain on your back. Within few hours that pain turns towards front abdomen and it increases by the passage of time. If you think that this is the main cause of your left side pain than you should see the specialist without wasting much time. There are a number of treatments available for kidney stones.

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