Pain in Upper Left Abdomen Under Rib Cage

Pain in upper left abdomen under rib cage consists of any type of pain which is primarily experienced in the upper left section of your abdomen just below your left rib cage. This area is often termed as the left upper quadrant (LUQ) when addressing pain to the human abdomen. This particular quadrant is made up of various important organs and structures such as the spleen, stomach, left kidney, left adrenal gland, and body of the pancreas. The parts contained in this section of the human abdomen have various important functions. Any defect to these organs and structures could lead to pain being experienced in the upper left abdomen.

What Causes Pain in Upper Left Abdomen Under Rib Cage?

Pain in upper left abdomen under rib cage can be caused by a number of issues as there are many relevant organs and structures in this area. As the upper left abdomen is just below where the heart sits it is possible that complications of the heart could cause pain to be experienced in this area. Minor causes such as trapped wind, heartburn, and exercise cramps are all common.

There are various serious medical conditions that may be to blame for pain in this area as well. Some of the more common medical conditions to cause pain in upper left abdomen under rib cage include left kidney stones, pyelonephritis, pancreatitis, shingles, tiez syndrome, and stomach ulcers and tumors. Any complications with the spleen may also cause pain in this area as the spleen is situated in the upper left abdomen just below the left rib cage.

How to Diagnose Pain in Upper Left Abdomen Under Rib Cage

When pain is experienced in this area it is important that you consider what could be causing it. The pain may be the result of a recent surgery or medical condition that you already know you have. It could also be caused by other obvious issues such as overexertion. If there is no obvious cause of the pain in upper left abdomen under rib cage then you will want to look into conditions that may have caused you to experience this pain.

To diagnose yourself with a medical condition you will want to consider a few things. First off, you will want to determine what type of pain is being experienced. What does the pain feel like? You will then want to consider the other symptoms that you have experienced since you have noticed the upper left abdominal pain. The symptoms will be a crucial part in diagnosing the problem as you will be able to compare your symptoms to the list of symptoms that are common with each medical condition that is known to cause pain in this area.

After a bit of research and comparing your situation to potential medical problems you should have narrowed down the possibilities to the more likely causes. If you are experiencing pain in upper left abdomen under rib cage and there is no minor issue to blame for it then you should visit your doctor for a professional diagnosis. If you get the condition diagnosed early on then you can get the effective treatment that you require to prevent the condition from worsening and possibly becoming life threatening. With that being said, make sure you take it seriously if you are experiencing a pain in upper left abdomen under rib cage as you never know if it is a serious underlying medical problem that is causing it.

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